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Venture Vision Mobile LED

Want to increase your brand image awareness with a turnkey solution for your next event or promotion? Introducing the Venture Vision Mobile LED screen truck. A flexible, dynamic way to advertise your brand or broadcast your message to a targeted audience. Put your message right in front of your target audience in dazzling LED color, with full motion video that grabs attention like nothing else out there.

The Venture Vision Mobile LED truck has two extra large all-weather high-definition (HD) screens that are highly visible during the day and dazzling at night. The Venture Vision Mobile LED truck provides you with the opportunity to advertise practically anywhere. The two screens are six feet four inches high by 13 feet wide. These screens are more than big enough to demand attention, even in a large crowd or on a busy street. The Venture Vision Mobile LED truck has DIRECT TV Satellite capability and a self-contained power system giving our truck the ability to live broadcast any event. The Venture Vision Mobile LED truck is perfect for just about any advertising application.